Who We Are

We are a Family Business, with 100% national capital and with more than 30 years of experience, dedicated to providing corn genetics under licenses and services to the seed industry in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, the United States and other countries. in different places around the world.

Rusticana is a leader in corn specialty research and product development and has its own, unpublished corn germplasm bank with materials adaptable to temperate and subtropical zones. Our base of operations is located on National Route N°8 km 265 on an area of 1300Ha, belonging to the Hyland family.

Mission: Develop competitive corn hybrids for different markets and their needs. Research and generate value in corn seed, making our clients' businesses more profitable. Respect contracts, intellectual property and transmit our values to our clients and staff. Be agile, adapt to changes and the environment of the dynamic agricultural market.

Vision: To be a reliable bridge of technology, research and corn germplasm between agri-food companies and agricultural producers.

Currently, we consider ourselves a consolidated company with a wide range of products recognized for their quality and trust, which knew how to adapt and reinvent itself in the face of the different scenarios that occurred in the thirty years of history.

We are present nationally and internationally in the specialty and commodity corn market.

Our History


Rusticana Born

Samuel P.A. Hyland “Sam” founded the Rusticana hatchery and seedbed. Samuel studied in the United States at Sam Huston University and Iowa State University. He was a shareholder and director of Criadero y Morgan Seedbed, a leading company in the corn seed market in Argentina in the 1970s and 1980s. Sam was accompanied by Federico Llobet who was a breeder at Morgan, Asgrow and former director of Continental (Brazil) who He contributed his experience and “Know How”, he already had a corn genetic improvement program.


First Business

In 1997, the first corn hybrids originated by Rusticana were obtained and five hybrids (Flint duro NOGMO) were licensed to an international company (Don Mario) in the 1998/9 campaign.


New products

An intense breeding program begins in semi-toothed corn hybrids for grain and silage for temperate and subtropical zones in the Argentine market. It also incorporates new breeders into the Research and Development team.



Rusticana begins to develop special hybrid corn with high oil content for temperate and subtropical zones exclusively for Cargill SACI. These special corn hybrids were called Proave. At the end of the year, Rusticana has more than 19 licensing agreements formalized among all its clients.


New Market

Patents for transgenic events begin to fall and Rusticana accesses the post-patent transgenic corn market.



Rusticana makes a strong investment in machinery, structure and human resources to supply elite germplasm to the special and transgenic corn market. This allowed him to save time and anticipate future market needs.


International expantion

We consolidate clients in other territories, Mexico (100% rusticana non-GMO – flint hybrid and co-hybrids with local cooperators) and Bolivia (non-gmo flint hybrid).


International expantion

We granted the first license in Brazil for a non-GMO flint hybrid, agreements were also made with local seed companies for the development of new materials (co-hybrids).


International expantion

On our 30th anniversary, we managed to test our first transgenic hybrid adapted for the southern United States, which will go on the market next year.

Our Team

We have a large group of professionals for different areas, who with experience and working as a team, have managed to become a benchmark in the market in the present and for the future.

Production Team
Production Team
Administration Team
Administration Team